Plagiarism Scanning and Grammar Checking

In line with CHED mandate that necessitates educational institutions to be competitive in the field of research publication, we are sharing with you our PlagScan and Grammarly Softwares.
PlagScan can do the following:

Detect plagiarism level in a document.
List the matches of all the potential plagiarism matches within the document and their corresponding sources.
View matches detected directly in the text utilizing the interactive browser report.
Create a Word document highlighting the content of the original document with the matches marked and annotated.
Share the report to anyone who has the link, whole organization, single user of the organization.

Grammarly can proofread and correct grammar according to the level of English usage appropriate for research reports such as Undergraduate Thesis, Master’s Thesis and Doctoral Dissertation. This would enable authors to have acceptable manuscripts for international refereed journals. Below is the list of rates for the use of these softwares:

CPU Students:
Plagiarism Scanning
Undergraduate Research P200.00/student 
Graduate Program Research P1,000.00/student 

Grammarly Checking
Undergraduate Research P200/paper
Graduate Program Research P500/paper

Other Schools:
Plagiarism Scanning
Undergraduate Research P 1,000.00/paper 
Graduate Program Research P 2,000/paper 

Grammarly Checking
Undergraduate Research P300/paper
Graduate Program Research P500/paper

Last year, we catered to the research needs of our students, faculty and staff and we saw that these softwares enabled us to publish our research outputs internationally. Thus, we are glad to open this opportunity to SUCs and HEIs.

For further details, you may contact us at 329-1971 local 1008, fax number (033) 329-0265 or email address or