Test Scanning

Remark Classic OMR Software for Scanning and Test or Results Evaluation Background

Remark Classic OMR is a software use to read and convert paper test, exam and even surveys into useable data for evaluation purposes especially of big companies and institutions. The software is coupled with imaging Scanner to fully function and transfer data to personal computer. This software was specifically made for maximum standard of accuracy of data through scanning, running of reports, and analyzing data using its unique feature like making points of values, grading scales, and specifies student ID number, subjects and fields.

Central Philippine University through Review, Continuing Education and Consultancy Center (RCECC) purchased this kind of software for its big help to the University. Since CPU-RCECC offers in-house nursing and agriculture review for board exam, OMR is utilized for its suitability in knowing and analyzing he exam of the reviewees. This help the staff to thus maximize the time for analyzing tables of result of the exams creating accurate and comprehensive data as with the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC). Other colleges and academic departments are also maximizing this software. Placement office, who caters University Placement Exam, Colleges of Medicine, Engineering, Medical Technology, Pharmacy, Business and Accountancy, and other big departments and major users of this software.

OMR is not only use to generate result of the exams but it is also use to evaluate results of surveys. Teachers Rating Scale is one of the documents of the University to verify and evaluate faculty members teaching performance per semester. All academic departments in the University are using this software. Now, it’s a challenge to the staff of the CPU-RCECC to check all papers during exam time and every end of the semester.